Ergobyte S.A. offers a complete, turnkey, web based billing solution for utility companies. Helios4 can be implemented for any utility service such as electricity, gas or water provider. It provides accessible and meaningful tools, requires minimal training or management intervention and minimal effort in terms of ongoing maintenance.

Our aim is to provide a simple and user-friendly software suitable for every single utility company at a low price. This is why our software is designed with your specific needs in mind and requires absolutely no special hardware or capital investment.

Activities performed every day, such as establishing new connections, scheduling routine and emergency service calls or measurements, invoicing and billing can dramatically reduce costs by streamlining and automating the underlying business processes that support them. Helios4 is the most suitable software solution to serve this purpose by eliminating many manual operations and errors, processing in real time, and providing information in visually appealing displays.

Key Features

Helios4 has been designed having in mind the utility's special needs and everyday activities. Ergobyte S.A. introduces several useful tools provided by our system which will come in handy for both employees and administration.

  • Customer Database
    Helios4 customer data base is a complete customer care application for utilities serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers. It addresses consumer data management while handling receivables functions.
  • Utility Management
    Multi-level management is provided by Helios4 helping both employees and the administration keep track of every single operation. Meter management, measurement history and meter reading estimation are the most handful tools to ensure business excellence.
  • Financial Management
    Helios4 assists utility companies minimize the time it takes to turn customer water/gas/electricity usage into billing statements, and billing statements into cash. Billing, invoicing and monitoring debt levels allows better managing deposits to speed payments and reduce uncollected debt.

Other Features