It is simple and user-friendly

Ergobyte's software developing experience leads to products with a user-friendly interface.

Helios4 uses a straight-forward browsing and search structure that web users intuitively expect. The user experience is simply a clean interface that works with all standard Macintosh and Windows web browsers.

Helios4' key usability features are:

No installation needed – automatically updated

Helios4 is web-based. You don't need to spend time on installing or updating the software application. All you need is a browser, a login username and password and an internet connection.

Easy to learn

As a matter of fact, no training is required. The Helios4' Graphical User Interface is well thought out, designed and executed and, as a result, your employees will not face any problem in using it. It is a menu-driven program that makes it easier to use. Nevertheless, full support is provided during our collaboration. Help buttons make Helios4 easy to use for employees who may not have any IT background.

Easy to navigate-enjoyable ease of use

A GUI‘s primary purpose is to make an end user’s job easier, this is exactly what Helios4 does. An intuitive, elegant and simple navigation system shows users just where they are and explains how to get to other sections of the program.
Despite its multifaceted functionality, Helios4 convinces through a logical program structure which is orientated around the day-to-day needs of a utility. All functions are where they belong and can be called up quickly and intuitively.